New 5,000 sqm building completed for global logistics company Transconsult International

In March 2019 The Charnwood Company completed construction on a new Class A storage hall within Eastgate Park Prague designed and constructed as the country headquarters of Transconsult International, a leading international freight forwarding company.   

The building was constructed to the highest international standards with 4,300 sqm of 10-meter clear storage area and approximately 800 sqm of offices and inbuilds. Transconsult International chose to
relocate to Eastgate Park Prague on a long-term basis due its close proximity to the Prague ring road and all major highway networks, as well as having easy access to the Prague inner-city road network.

Eastgate Park Prague Welcomes Alef Nula, Geis Parcel CZ and 100MEGA Distribution

Following major refurbishment of the storage and office areas three new tenants made decisions to
relocated to Eastgate Park Prague. 

Alef Nula, the key supplier for Cisco Systems has made Eastgate Park Prague their Czech main distribution and storage hub, and has recently signed a long-term lease for 1,500 sqm of storage and offices.

100MEGA Distribution, the largest manufacturer and distributor of computers in the Czech Republic recently signed a long-term lease for 3,400 sqm.

Geis Parcel CZ, a leading international logistics company recently made Eastgate Park Prague their regional parcel service hub.  Geis signed a long-term lease for 1,850 sqm.

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