About the project: 

The Charnwood Company is working on a new significant mixed-use development project ZDIBY ZA KOSTELEM. 

The project concept was conceived and created with regard to local history and architecture, and consultations with representatives of the municipality. The aim was to create a place that is in harmony with the surroundings and is a pleasant place to spend time. The most important aspect is for the project to be well-liked by current residents and future generations.

The internationally acclaimed architectural studio Bogle Architects (www.boglearchitects.com) has been invited to collaborate on this project. They have prepared a site study in which they have successfully created a balanced ratio of residential areas, retail, and commercial zones. Thanks to the diverse use of the location, it will be possible to provide new job opportunities and improve the array of public amenities of the municipality.

The heart of the entire concept is a large public park, which will provide local residents with space for socializing with friends, relaxation, sports, or hosting various public events or holiday markets.

The location is highly attractive, as the project is located less than a kilometer from the Prague city limits, directly at Exit 1 of the D8 highway.

In addition to significant planned modifications to the highway connection, a new tram line is being planned, which will enable direct connections to the Prague metro, ensuring excellent accessibility by public transportation.

Further information coming soon...

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